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What is the level of trust to our cards among media platforms?
Our cards are highly trusted and are compatible with almost all advertising services. We are actively fighting with fraudulent actions that affect credibility from media platforms towards our cards. Users violating the company's policy may be banned.
¿Cómo bloquear la tarjeta?
␣Ve a la sección "Tarjetas". Seleccione la tarjeta que desea bloquear. Haga clic en el botón "Bloquear". Confirme el bloqueo de la tarjeta.␣
How can I turn on the automatic card replenishment?
When the card is issued, you will be asked to add an option for an automatic replenishment of the card. If you did not use this function and wish to do it later, you need to open "Cards" section, select the card you need and click "Auto-top-up". Enter the required amount and click "Save".
What happens if you forget to top up your card on time?
In this case, your card will be blocked without further possibility to unblock it. For your convenience, use the "auto-top-up" option.
How much does the card service cost?
Card issuance is free. Service monthly fees: Universal cards - 15 USD per month Advertisement cards - 10 USD per month. Also, the service charges a single commission of 2.5-5%, depending on the amount.
␣¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en emitir una tarjeta?␣
␣La tarjeta se emitirá inmediatamente.␣
␣¿Cómo emitir la tarjeta?␣
Choose the "Cards" section, click "Issue a card", choose the type of the card you are interested in and click "Buy", enter the amount you would like to deposit, confirm the terms of the service, click "Issue a new card" button.
␣¿Cómo ver el historial de transacciones?␣
You can view the history of transactions in the "Transaction history" section. To do that go to the "Cards" section, select the necessary card by clicking on the icon and you will find the transaction history.
¿Es posible retirar dinero del servicio?
␣Sí, es posible. El servicio cobra una comisión del 10% del monto del retiro. Tenga en cuenta que el monto mínimo de retiro es de $ 100␣
Terms of money withdrawal from the card to the account?
La transferencia de fondos de la tarjeta al saldo de la cuenta no toma más de 1 día.
␣¿Cómo recargar el saldo?␣
Go to the "Accounts" section. Enter the deposit amount (at least 30.00 USD). Choose the "Top up" section. Select the deposit method "BTC" or "USDT". Make the transfer.
␣¿Qué transacciones están prohibidas con tarjetas?␣
␣Tenga en cuenta que está estrictamente prohibido utilizar el servicio EPN.NET para las siguientes operaciones: transferir fondos a cuentas de entidades jurídicas registradas en Ucrania y la Federación de Rusia; para adquirir criptomonedas; para reponer los sistemas de pago, las cuentas de corretaje y las cuentas de cambio de divisas; para pagar los servicios de juegos de azar/apuestas y citas. En caso de violación de las reglas, su cuenta será bloqueada sin reembolso.␣
␣¿Por qué es necesario verificar la cuenta?␣
Account verification allows you to issue an unlimited number of cards and get access to additional BINs.
␣¿Cuál es el monto mínimo de depósito?␣
A minimum deposit amount for the personal account replenishment is 30.00 USD. When issuing a card, the minimum deposit amount is 1.00 USD.
␣¿Qué BIN se adaptan mejor a FB/Google/TikTok, etc.? ␣
This information can be viewed in the transaction history. To get that, it's necessary to filter the history by specifying the platform you need and see which BINs were successful.
␣¿Qué es BIN?␣
Bank identification number, it defines the payment system of the card (Visa, MS, etc.), the country of the issued card, the bank that issued the card, etc. You can independently check our BINs using any BINchecker # https://bincheck.io/
Support service operating hours?
Soporte personal 24/7.
␣¿Es posible pagar por servicios rusos como Yandex, VK, etc.? ␣
Payments in favor of companies legally registered in the Russian Federation, Ukraine are prohibited due to the bank policy. However, it is possible to pay such companies, in case their accounts are located elsewhere. For example, Yandex has a branch in Switzerland (Yandex.Direct Lucern CH). Payments to Yandex in this case are allowed.